Sunday, June 14, 2009

2nd float 1/2 out of frames

Just a very short update at the moment.I managed to get the stringer glued in and laminated and fitted the bulkheads that I had made perviously this week so I could remove the float 1/2 from the frames ready to reverse the frames and start on the 3rd 1/2.
Not to many pictures as its pretty much the same as the 1st 1/2.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

2nd float 1/2 laminated

There has been a bit of a cold snap here in NZ this week so I haven't really done alot of work on the boat. A Cold snap here is 6 or 9 Deg C so nothing like the northern hemisphere but still makes it to hard to work the resins through the cloth etc. However yesterday it did get warm enough and I glassed the 2nd 1/2 which had been waiting since last weekend.

This time I didn't use the plastic over peel ply and opted to use just the peel ply. The result was really good this time with no air bubbles at all so I was really pleased with the result. Below is a close up of the sort of result I got which is looking simalar to the vacuum bagging so I think I have got a fairly good resin to cloth ratio here.

As I didn't have to do any repairs or patches this time I also managed to glue in the transom and center bulkheads so in all not to bad progress considering.