Monday, November 16, 2009

Floats and Rudder

It's been a while since my last update but as alot of the work lately has been on the second float which is a repeat of earlier posts on the first float I haven't been getting tocarried away with taking photos etc.

I have managed to get the first float outside skin all laminated and ready to begin faring. Certainly felt like progress when I could knock on the side of the hull and hear a resounding solid thud. I just can't wait to get into all that sanding!!

The shaping of the second float has pretty muched finished now and I should be able to start glassing the outside skins this weekend. So between laminating the second float and faring the first one I should not run out of work any time soon.

However just in case I feel like I am feeling like I haven't got anything to do I decided to start on the foils. I don't want to start on the main hull untill the floats are almost ready for painting and that will be a while away. So I thought I would be able make a few of the smaller bits and pieces, Rudder, Daggerboard main hull bulkheads etc and decided to strat with the rudder. I was intending to try to get someone to do the shaping using a 3D router but it was difficult to find someone locally that was prepered to take the job on so it was out with the sander and router! I was worring about this part of the job for a while but it ended up not being to big a job after all and it only took a day to shape the rudder by hand and the result looks like the plans so it should be all fine.

The rudder is a little bit under size to allow for the carbon to go on later but it is now ready for the HD insert down the centre a bit of Carbon and final shaping. Doesn't sound like much but will probabley take a while!

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