Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slow progress, 3rd float 1/2

Its been a while since my last up date but alot has happened with life in general getting in the way of building. A few weeks ago we had a car crash which stopped progress on the build for a few weeks while I recovered and then had to find a new car etc! The good thing is that we weren't badly hurt which is a least one good thing to come out of it all.

The other thing slowing down the build is the cold weather at the moment. I seem to only be able to do anything of consequence on the weekends as it gets to cold to work with the resin at night after work, yep that bloody work thing gets in the way of yacht building! However last weekend I did manage to assemble a few mates around to give me a hand and laminate the 3rd float 1/2. It didn't turn out as good as the second half and there were a few spots that had to get a bit of attention and patches put in. Then this weekend I glued on the chain plate pad and the stringer which now just need the putty around the edges sanded and cleaned up before I put the glass on top of them. So I am hopefull that assuming the putty willgo off sometime in the next few days I will be able to glue two float halfs together and make it look like some real progress!

Foam all laid in placed and waiting the fibreglass cloth to go on.

In the picture to the left you may notice that the colour of the bog has changed from the earlier float halves. I changed to a low density filler to glue the foam together after a comment Ian made that the glue powders are too hard and not to surprisingly he was right. Thats why I am not designing the yacht and I am sure its a common rookie mistake. I have made a bit of extra work for myself a bit later on when I come to faring the outside of the hull.

Chain Plate pad and bow stringer bogged in place. Just waiting for the bog to go off enough to allow it to be sanded and glassed over.

As the weather is so cold I have also started work on making some molds. This week I started the mold for the wing net support rails. The advangtage with such good plans is being able to do jobs well ahead of time when things slow down a little. I hope this will save me time in the long run.

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