Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Floats! (nearly)

Another high visual progress moment achieved this weekend. Removed the second float from the frames after gluing the last two halves and taping in the bulkheads over the last couple of weeks. Certainly is very motivating when you can actually see something happening rather than the normal routine of spending hours prepering to do small jobs that once done those not in the know wonder what you've done to justify the hours spent in the shed.

As for the 1st float after I finished the bulkhead flanges as in my previous post I went to work on shaping the keel. Forgot to take a photo of the finished shape unfortunatly but I was surprised how a small radius on the keel made the float look so much more like a hull of a yacht. I also put an extra layer of tape on the inside at the transom as I managed to sand right down to the laminate while shaping the keel.

Other small jobs done were the making of the two compression struts for the bow of each float and fitting the first one. Also glued together the foam block to make the bow for the port float.

Compression strut fitted

Block of foam all glued together and joined to the hull waiting for the sander.

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