Sunday, August 2, 2009

4th float half and 1st float joined

Work still plodding along at a bit of a slow pace over the last couple of weeks. Mainly due to the cold weather and apparently building a yacht doesn't get me out of mowing the lawns!!

However I finished the chain plates that I molded last post. Got the required carbon on and after a bit of an issue trying to find a small leak in the vacuum bag managed to get a reasonable vacuum of 25"Hg.

Out of the bag then cut in half to make the two chainplates

Work then carried on with the 1st joined float. I finished taping the bulkheads into the 3rd 1/2. The bow bulkhead proved to be a real test of patience. It was so much easier to do when there isn't another float 1/2 sitting on top! I managed in the end to be able to just reach the bottom of the bow bulkhead by holding the brush with my finger tips and used the theory of just get more resin in there and it seemed to turn out OK.

Then removed the joined float from the frames and taped the keel join. Thought it would be easier to tape the keel join with the hull sitting upright and working with gravity rather than against it. Also got the 4th float half ready to laminate but will do that next weekend.

The photo below shows the joined hull upside down with the 4th half in the frames in the fore ground. This will make it a little more civalised to do the Bulkhead deck flanges that are called for in the plans. With it at this height I can sit down with just my head inside the float.

Started to work on the mold to make the beam flanges which is proving to be a little difficult to hold the angled plate in position. In the photo above I am holding in the plate by screwing it to the deck flange plate but I may change my mind yet as I am a bit worried that I may get resin into the screw threads and it becoming a permenant part of the foat! I will see how I feel tomorrow when I start to glass it all up.

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